Feed a Million (FAM) is an Agro business working across the value chain, from growing and sourcing raw commodities, to processing, export and distribution, as well as the manufacture of consumer-packaged foods.

FAMs aim is to bring about a significant increase in food production and exploit the continent’s huge Agricultural potential. Through FAMs agricultural activities it is expected that the existing Gap in food production will be met and also the creation of more jobs.


FAM Projects

3,000 Hectare Land for Rice Farm & Rice Processing Facility

Synopsis: 3,000 hectare land for Rice Plantation and 10,000 tons p.a processing plant

Site/location: Benue State

Sponsor: Subsidiary of Zebcha

2,000 Hectares Rice Cultivation & Processing Farm Project

Synopsis: 2,000 hectare land for rice cultivation and processing; 12,000 tons p.a. processing plant

Site/location: Imo State

Sponsor: Established agro company with partners having up to 30 years
experience in farm operations