Minerals Integrated Networks and Trades (MINT) is a minerals development and financing company that deals in minerals, precious metals, and industrial metals. MINT’s activities work across the value chain, from extraction, refining, storage, marketing to distribution. MINT’s is also focused on providing commodity- linked foreign exchange rate hedging services. Under this service, clients can take a position in physical or derivative commodities to hedge equivalent foreign exchange exposure. MINT has also developed bullion services to help provide financial Institutions and Central Banks an alternative to cash as a means of holding their reserves.


Commodity Trading Network and Trades Project

Synopsis: Mining and sale of gold and other minerals

Commodity/location: Gold/Abuja

Sponsor:Mining and minerals trading company with partners having up to 20 years experience in mining, trade and transactions.

La Foi Dor mine development project

Synopsis: Development of diamond mine in Central African Republic and export of rough diamonds to wholesalers in New York diamond district

Commodity/Location: Diamond


Development of prolific Brown Field Goldmine

Synopsis: Development of prolific Brown Field Goldmine in Niger Republic

Commodity/Location: Gold