Zebcha Infrastructure Limited (Zebcha) is a leading project finance and infrastructure advisory and development company. It is a portfolio company under Potomak Wealth Group. Zebcha’s core competence is conceiving commercially viable infrastructure investment opportunities, appropriately structuring them within acceptable legal and regulatory frameworks and then mobilizing investments required to execute the opportunities. Zebcha uses innovative and proprietary financing structures including the use of abundantly available resources such as urban land, arable land, mineral rights, cash crops, oil and other natural resources to fund much needed infrastructure such as road, rail, schools, power plant, health care facilities. One of our innovative alternative infrastructure financing structures involve the development of natural resources whose outputs are then used on an equivalent basis to finance the delivery of infrastructure. Zebcha is the leading provider of advisory services for ministries, departments and agencies of government in the assessment of potential Public Private Partnership projects and in the formulation of policy to attract private investments into infrastructure and resource development.

Zebcha Projects

Naval Dockyard (Shipyard) Rehabilitation Project

Synopsis: $613 million Development of a Naval Shipyard

Site/location: Lagos State

Sponsor: Shorefac

167km Pipeline Rehabilitation and Security Project

 Synopsis: Rehabilitation and Operation of 167km refined products pipeline

Site/location: Kaduna/Jos Axis

Sponsor: Established Local Oil and Gas Company with $10m turnover

750 MW Gas-fired Power Plant

 Synopsis: 750 mw gas fired power plant

Site/location: Ogun State

Sponsor: Established Infrastructure Company with $100m turnover

90,000 bbl./Day Refinery Project in Lagos Nigeria

Synopsis: 90,000 barrel per day Refinery

Site/location: Lagos State

Sponsor: Established Infrastructure Company with $100m turnover